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Arieca Announces an Agreement to Develop a Liquid-Metal-Based Thermal Interface Material for Power Modules in the Electric Vehicle (xEV) Segment

(Pittsburgh, PA.) Arieca, a leader in liquid-metal-based Thermal Interface Materials (TIM), entered into a joint research agreement with ROHM Co., Ltd., a leading provider of power semiconductor devices for the xEV market, to develop next-generation TIM using Arieca’s Liquid Metal Embedded Elastomer (LMEE) Technology. This joint research leverages the LMEE platform to provide high heat transfer without the reliability issues facing conventional TIM technologies.

“ROHM is a global leader in SiC power module technology,” Navid Kazem, Arieca’s CEO said. “Their SiC devices can significantly improve power delivery in xEV while reducing the size of power inverters. Arieca is excited to partner with such an innovative company to improve the performance of power module assembly in the xEV market.”

“We need an innovative thermal interface material between the power module and heat sink,” said Ken Nakahara, Fellow and Head of ROHM’s R&D Center. “The most important requirement is compatibility with sufficient thermal conductivity and reliability, which are usually in a trade-off relationship. Arieca’s LMEE has the possibility to satisfy this prerequisite, allowing us to innovate in the xEV market. As a result, we decided to start collaborative R&D with Arieca. “This joint research agreement provides ROHM with the latest TIM technologies required to successfully introduce next-generation SiC power modules for xEV applications.”

About Arieca

Arieca is a high growth advanced materials start-up that is pushing the boundaries of material functionalities in the most demanding applications. Our patented Liquid Metal Embedded Elastomer (LMEE) technology allows for unprecedented performance in applications across the semiconductor, aerospace, automotive, and healthcare industries.  Our main products are TIMbberTM – an adaptable thermal interface material (TIM) for high performance semiconductor and power devices, and Thubber® – a soft, stretchable, and thermally conductive elastomer.  Arieca is a spin-off from Carnegie Mellon University in 2018.

About ROHM

Founded in 1958, ROHM provides LSI and discrete semiconductors characterized by outstanding quality and reliability for a broad range of markets, including automotive, industrial and consumer market via its global development and sales network. In the power & analog field, ROHM proposes the suitable solution for each application with power devices such as SiC, driver ICs to maximize their performance, and peripheral components such as transistors, diodes and resistors.

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