NBMC/AFRL News Press Release

Arieca Receives a grant from the Nano Bio-Materials Consortium (NBMC) to develop Self-Powered Wireless Soft Electronics with Multimodal Energy Harvesting

In this project we will address challenges with the limited battery life of wearable healthcare technologies for continuous physiological monitoring. We will develop self-powered wireless soft electronics that adhere to the skin and monitor physiological vitals.  These electronic stickers will be powered through a combination of on-board batteries and energy harvesting transducers. This project is in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, Prof. Carmel Majidi Soft Machines Lab, and Dr. Christopher Tabor at Air Force Research Lab (AFRL).

Energy harvesting will be achieved using thermoelectric and triboelectric power generation from body heat and motion, respectively. LMEE will be integrated into both generators – as

a thermal interface material for thermoelectric heat management and a dielectric elastomer and conductive electrode for triboelectric harvesting.  As part of this NBMC-sponsored effort, Arieca will also explore the use of LMEEs as electrically-conductive elastomers for stretchable circuit wiring and bioelectrodes.

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