NSF SBIR News Press Release

Arieca Receives an NSF Small Business Innovation & Research (SBIR) Grant to Develop Liquid Metal-Based Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) Based on the Liquid Metal Embedded Elastomer (LMEE) Architecture

Thermal management issues in the semiconductor industry are driven by a sharp increase in power densities. To resolve these issues, many attempts are being investigated in device packaging to extract the heat generated away and maintain the functionality of the device. Existing thermal interface materials (TIMs) play an important role in transferring the heat efficiently but suffer from challenges associated with interfacial contact thermal resistance, optimized distribution of TIM over the die surface, pump-out and delamination.

This SBIR project supports Arieca’s efforts to create a TIM version of LMEEs, which we call TIMbberTM, to overcome these challenges. Specific efforts will focus on refining the formulation and fabrication to meet customer specifications. This includes improvement of the TIMbber material composition, development of a scalable manufacturing process, and characterization of materials properties for TIM applications.

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