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Arieca Announces Manufacturing Partnership With Nissan Chemical Corporation

Company will use the manufacturing partnership with Nissan Chemical to provide high volume manufacturing of its Liquid Metal-based thermal interface materials (TIMs) and supply to the Asian market.

(Pittsburgh, PA.) Arieca Inc., the leader in liquid-metal based thermal interface materials for high performance computing and high-power semiconductor devices, today announced a manufacturing partnership with Nissan Chemical Corporation to exclusively manufacture Arieca’s TIM in Asia. This partnership provides Arieca’s customers with reliable and world class manufacturing at the Nissan Chemical plant in Sodegaura for the most demanding applications.

Figure 1. Arieca’s Team visiting Nissan Chemical Sodegaura Plant in Japan

“Supply chain resiliency is on the top of our customers’ minds. I am delighted to share this exciting partnership, where we can combine Arieca’s innovative material technology with Nissan Chemical Corporation’s world class manufacturing capabilities. Additionally, manufacturing at the Sodegaura plant in Japan helps the semiconductor industry achieve their carbon neutrality targets, by reducing scope 3 emissions for each of our customers,” said Dr. Navid Kazem, CEO and Co-Founder at Arieca.

“Nissan Chemical is a reliable supplier of several materials in the semiconductor industry. We are excited to continue building a cooperative partnership with the Arieca team, and provide manufacturing services for their innovative technology in the Asian market.” said Endo Hideyuki, Managing Executive Officer, and Head of Planning and Development Division at Nissan Chemical. Hata Toshiyuki, Executive Officer, and Plant Manager of Sodegaura Plant, added that “Our plant has been preparing to manufacture Arieca’s TIM material. We are very excited to be able to provide innovative products to Asian customers from our Sodegaura plant.”

About Arieca

Arieca is a high growth advanced materials startup that is pushing the boundaries of material functionalities in the most demanding applications. Our patented Liquid Metal Embedded Elastomer (LMEE) technology allows for unprecedented performance in applications across the semiconductor, aerospace, automotive, and healthcare industries. Our main products are TIMbberTM – an adaptable thermal interface material (TIM) for high performance semiconductor and power devices, and Thubber® – a soft, stretchable, and thermally conductive elastomer. Arieca was spun off from Carnegie Mellon University in 2018.

About Nissan Chemical Corporation

Nissan Chemical Corporation is now moving forward to develop new products and business through utilization of our core technologies as the chemical company with our corporate vision of becoming a corporate group that “contribute to the protection of the global environment and the existence/ development of humanity, offering the value sought by society”. The Planning and Development Division’s mission is to create new products and businesses which are the pillars of our future in “information and communication”, “environment and energy” and “life sciences other than pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals”. While to clarify the characteristics of the new seeds with highly originality and capture the market needs, we are promoting the actual demand of new products that meet customer needs. For more details, please visit

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