Liquid Metal Embedded Elastormers

Redefining fundamental trade-offs

LMEE breaks the fundamental trade-off between elasticity and thermal conductivity, opening up a whole new range of material possibilities. 

Contact resistance arising from particle-to-particle and particle-to-surface resistances is the major contributing factor for high interfacial contact resistance in traditional P-TIMs. Liquid Metal fillers dramatically change this. Additionally, highly deformable liquid filers allow extremely low bond-line thicknesses achievable.

Liquid metals as fillers dramatically change the way polymer-filled TIMs transfer heat between interfaces by establishing extremely low contact resistance enabling low bond-line thicknesses.

Arieca is a product of over 10 years of academic research by our co-founders, Dr. Majidi and Dr. Kazem and a talented team of researchers at Dr. Majidi’s Soft Machine’s lab at Carnegie Mellon University (, supported by over $4M research grants from NASA, AFRL and NSF.

The result is a breakthrough multi-functional LMEE composite material that breaks the long-standing trade off that high thermal and electrical functionality is achievable only in stiff, brittle and inflexible material. LMEEs are capable of:

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  • Combining high thermal/electrical conductivity with mechanical properties of soft biological tissues
  • Reliably containing liquid metal inside a protective elastomer matrix
  • Tailoring properties for specific applications
  • Metal-like fracture toughness (10-30 kJ/m2) that is 25-50x greater than conventional silicone rubber
  • Maintaining performance under high deformation and mechanical damage
  • Direct ink printing

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